Guest Post | 9 Ways to inspire customers with creative product design

The mantra of product designing begins as soon as the idea of launching a new product descends into the businessman and developer’s mind. The literal meaning of product design refers to the creation of a new product by a business brand for the customers. As the end recipients are the customers, it is quite necessary to find out ways that will inspire them to purchase the product. This is why my Website Design Company and my Dubai advertising agency (other agencies are, of course, available) focuses on the offline and online ideas to generate creative product design. My experience in the industry has taught me a lot and I’d like to share my thoughts with anyone looking to bring a new product to launch, so with that in mind; here are 9 solid ways to inspire customers using innovative product design methodology:

Come up with a real-world problem story for your product design

If you wish to attract the customers, you need to give them a solution or a view of a real worldly problem. No one likes to spend time on things that don’t help them improve their life, right? This is why the number one thing you need to add to your product design is a real-world touch!

We came across few words in the Harvard Business Review that fully explained this idea. They were, “When we buy a product, we essentially “hire” it to help us do a job. If it does the job well, the next time we’re confronted with the same job, we tend to hire that product again. And if it does a crummy job, we “fire” it and look for an alternative.” Thus, the product developers need to show the audience through thoughtful product design that the product will help them complete the job.

Focus on making your product intuitive

Complexity is the enemy of a good product design. If you want it to work and attract the customers, you need to make it simple, minimalistic and intuitive. You need to carve the idea that is easy to understand and conveys the brand’s message with clarity. Here we would like to quote the amazing design efforts the brand Nest made to impress the customers. With their exceptional design, they were able to charge up to £200 for a product that would have been easily available at £30.

Plan thoroughly

Multiple steps are required to continue the procedure of product development. Each step requires equal attention and this is what cling the customers to your product. When you know you have followed all the steps correctly, there is no chance of failing in an attempt to attract and retain the customers.

Marketing is a part of your product design

Though the product design makes a compelling sales pitch, without marketing it cannot conquer a vast amount of audience. Offline and digital marketing, both, are required to reach out to a large number of people. Again, this requires social media platforms, email platforms, and a well-designed official website that offers value to visitors will increase traffic, improve browser behaviour within the website and ultimately contribute to the sales of a product.

Use icons and user signposting in your design

A design usually consists of words, colors, and figures. Perhaps unknown to many entrepreneurs and business professionals looking to design a new and profitable product; is that the use of figures and icons is an emerging trend in the domain of product designing. In today’s world, pictures are playing an ever more important role in our culture. Rather than reading the words and going through descriptions, people are being trained to focus on visual content. Thus, you should always consider designing products with the help of pictures/ icons either within the product, through the instruction manual or as part of other collateral that comes with a new product launch.

Enhance packaging style

Imagine you are walking in a store viewing products on the shelves. Which one would immediately be drawn to? The one that looks dull, is packed in a whitish gray colored boring bag or the one that is visually stimulating with colorful combination and patterns on the box? By presenting your product beautifully you can get an edge on the rest of the market, drawing attention to the benefits and features of your product design.

Add recent technology applications to your design

To inspire the customer, you’ll have to bring your product design to the same level as the technology advancements that are engrained in culture today, why is that important? It is important because that’s what the costumers are constantly seeing, interacting with and expect within a new product. Artificial intelligence makes their lives easier, machine learning offers suggestions based on previous activity, and bots help online journeys. When designing and developing a product, incorporate advanced trends into your product specification, online presence and the environment surrounding your product and see what wonders it can achieve!

Maintain quality and be consistent

Business and sales are carried out with the help of consistency. Once you have launched a design, you need to start thinking about the second best option that will attract customers to your products. You need to be consistent in your effort, your offering and approach so you can launch another design that maintains the following generated by the first.

Diversity is key

Having a product statement is important but sticking to it is not a compulsion. While designing, you can portray your product as the thing the customers need the most with the help of different ideas. Thus, experiment with the product design and keep testing to see which design performs the best.

These are the nine inspiring ways that will help to ensure success in your product design. They are a combination of styling, incorporation of latest technological techniques, and experimentation. Together with these elements, your new product has a head start on the rest of the competition and much more likely to flourish!


Junaid Ali Qureshi is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform competition and generate profitable leads. His current ventures include Elephantation, eLabelz, Smart, Progos Tech and eCig.