A Realise Product at the 2018 French Open!

Seeing your product in the real world:

One of the best feelings as a product designer is to walk down the street and see someone using a product you designed. There is a person you don’t know, happily going about their day, with absolutely no thought to the hours of blood, sweat and tears you have put into crafting the object they hold in their hand.

They have no idea how many times what seems a minuscule change to the CAD has broken a model requiring days of rebuilding time to fix, no clue of the painful repetitive discussions with Chinese manufacturers to ensure a product is being made as intended and oblivious the number of times the deign team has gone through the feedback loop of:  define -> ideate -> test -> review -> repeat

Why should they? In fact, if they do end up thinking about the design, you’ve likely done something wrong. The general public have better things to worry about. They just want is to get about their daily business with things working as they should, not having to stop and consider why a product was designed a certain way.

But it’s that reserved knowledge of the effort that goes into designing good products and actually seeing someone in the real world interacting with your design seamlessly (in the way that you designed their experience to be) that gives a true sense of pride and warms the hearts of us as product designers.

Seeing your product in the limelight:

If seeing your design in the real world is a heart warming experience, then seeing a product you designed on the big stage comes close to exhilarating!

One of Realise’s designs is featuring at one of the biggest tennis tournaments in the world. This level of industry appreciation is a real badge of honour for us, it means we’ve done something very right when the upper echelon of the market are using a product designed by Realise Product Design.

And you know that earlier point about seeing the end user interacting with your product? Well we’ve been able to see that too, the operation console for the ROC camera head was designed to minimise the stress and complicated procedures involved in using traditional consoles, and seeing the Roland Garros cameramen using a piece of kit a quarter of the size of the man sat next to him but achieving the same functionality is a real accolade to the work we do here in improving user experiences through great design.

Cameraman at French open using ROC console

Updated versions of the ROC:

Keep an eye out for our updated case study as we’ve done some significant work on updating this product to get it Roland Garros ready! Allez Nadal!!

The Realise team