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Diorshow 360 is the world’s first rotating mascara brush that mimics the way professional make-up artists lengthen, separate and curl lashes.

The Challenge

Albéa, the French packaging giant, supply innovative new makeup and cosmetic products to some of the world’s largest luxury brands. So, when Dior wanted to replicate how professional make-up artists apply mascara, they asked Albéa to produce a rotating version. Albéa approached the team of Realise Design and ML Electronics to lead the electro-mechanical design and prototyping.

To succeed, we had to resolve a 3-way tension between the following major technical challenges, whilst keeping to a very tight schedule:

  • Fit a large battery, motor, PCB, switches and connectors into a tiny mascara brush handle.
  • Keep it as small and elegant as possible to maintain Dior’s flawless looks and luxurious feel.
  • Engineer out complexity, reducing parts and assembly times to achieve an ambitiously low manufacturing cost.


The Solution

The success of this product was due to the unusual teaming of Realise’s ‘design led’ approach, working closely alongside the technical expertise of ML Electronics. This very quickly allowed a wide variety of sketch ideas to be explored and assessed with viable electronic options.

In three weeks from the initial brief, a physical working prototype was approved by Bernard Arnault, CEO of the LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennesy) group. In six weeks overall, we had 3 manufacturing prototypes ready for final approvals.

The Results

This rapid development and iterative testing enabled Dior to develop and launch their new product before any of their competitors, allowing them to be the first to market and claim the crown as true industry innovators. Other luxury brands have announced plans to release rotating mascaras later in 2011, but Dior is already busy developing the next big thing.

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