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The Challenge

While working in the community as a district nurse, Caroline Brown became acutely aware of how much difficulty people with back pain had in feeding their pets. This is a serious problem when so often pets are a vital emotional lifeline that help people retain their independance. Caroline determinedly set about solving this by inventing a handle-tray combination which banished bending down; one of those simple ideas where people say ‘why didn’t I think of that?!’

The Solution

Caroline knew she wanted this to be something special and was guided to Realise for help. Together we decided to aim for something fun, attractive and appealing to the mass market – thereby making it more affordable and inclusive, rather than stigmatising people with another NHS style disability aid.

The Results

We helped Caroline throughout the whole process from consumer research through to finding manufacturing solutions, all on a shoe-string budget. We formed a special relationship with Caroline, working not just on the product design, but also through IP issues and assisting with commercialisation. This is a great British example of plucky inventiveness combined with good design!

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