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In June 2013 Marine Camera Solutions came to us to start a working relationship between Realise and MCS to collaborate on marine camera innovations. This first project aimed to capture the security camera market on super yachts. Our expert knowledge in both the camera and marine markets made us the number one choice for the job.

The Challenge

Fitting security camera systems into Super Yachts was a costly problem, the existing process involved a lengthy and expensive refit that often required full interior panels to be removed before up to 80 cameras could be installed.  The security system also needed to fit in seamlessly into any typical super yacht environment.

The Process

The Realise ‘product design process’ is the structure that is implemented in different ways into every one of our projects and ensures that we quickly and reliably produce the right results.

The first phase is the concept stage which involves creative brainstorming and concept sketching explore possible design routes. Concept review meetings with MCS gave direction to the project and allowed them to add their expertise to the design.

Once a route had been chosen the concept was developed through CAD into a refined product and all the design details were resolved. The CAD data allowed us to communicate features with MCS via photo realistic renders and create a 3D printed prototype of the design before being used for manufacture.

 The Solution

The final product is a very simple, easy to fit screw in camera mount. It is perfect for updating or fitting security systems or installing straight into in a new build yacht. This has dramatically reduced installation cost to approx 10%, to the delight of MCS, the boat yards and yacht owners.  This screw method allows the unit to adjust to any ceiling depth height and a small locking grub screw stops the unit from being undone in rough seas. This also allows the camera to sit flush with the ceiling giving the camera optimal viewing angle and limited visual presence inside of the cabin. The final component is a flat bezel which comes in a range of colours or as a custom finish allowing it to sit in seamlessly into any yacht environment.  The product is also Ingress Protection 68 rated as well as ONVIF and PoE+ compliant.

The Result

The key to the success of this product is the intellectual property gained from the innovative instillation method. The mount system is now a patented mechanism which allows Marine Guard to sell their product with the confidence that there idea cannot be copied.

OceanView is a game changer in the industry, which has already been well received on visits to boat yards.” Tony Reid, Managing Director at Marine Camera Solutions.

The Ocean View was also nominated for the Dame Innovation award in 2014 at the Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS) in the Amsterdam RAI.

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