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We have worked with Cammotion for over 10 years, having done all the design engineering of VORTEX, their 30m high TV camera mast,  and more recently the ROC mini – An innovative pan and tilt camera mount and camera head control console


Camera heads in the broadcasting industry are generally very mechanical, fiddly and look like pieces of bent sheet metal bolted together. Cammotion spotted that there was a need for a beautifully designed, lightweight, remote controlled camera head that can be deployed in more prestige and subtle environments but still delivers the careful precision and accuracy required for HD filming.


Using user-centred design, we designed a camera head that was not only beautiful but functional, rugged and extremely easy to use. Along with aesthetics, ergonomics and user experience were central to the design of the console and head. Haptic feedback was implemented to avoid judder when reaching the zoom end stops and touchscreen menus were used for navigation and control of multiple camera heads.

A modular mounting system was developed that enabled the head to be applied to many TV broadcasting standard fixings. The distinct curves of the ROC were shaped from CNC-machined aluminium for strength and hard-anodising and weatherproofing gave durability for deployment in multiple environments.

In order to keep the size as small as possible and allow integration of two unique motors never previously used in a TV broadcasting environment; mechanical parts and gearing were re-engineered to accommodate the housing and operation of such high torque motors in a very restrictive space.


A beautiful and lightweight precision camera with an IP rating of 67 that can be easily adapted and operated in multiple TV broadcasting environments. The ROC stands above the competition in both design and functionality but due to an efficient and constructive design process, sits in a price bracket significantly lower than many of its competitors.

ROC (Remote Operated Camera) is a highly innovative camera head. More easy to use than it’s competitors, it’s also highly compact and looks great too! Realise provided all design engineering through to the final product.

Other consoles are mostly boxy and unintuitive with limited connectability.  The ROC console was designed, from the ground up, to be lovely to hold and operate – with the special trick of being able to control up to 10 cameras from one Console.  This is one baby we’re very proud to have brought into being.

edit: We recently developed the ROC 2X XL – a larger version of the ROC mini, specifically designed for 2018 French Open, giving us immense pride in being part of such a prestigious sporting event.

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