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The Challenge

50 Ltd is a start up aiming their sights on creating great brands in personal care products. They asked Realise to help with a special mission – to create a new fragrance range for the Help for Heroes charity. This needed to be a high quality aspirational brand with a military twist, appealing to young ‘blokes’. Ideally our aim was to make something that people would be proud adding to their kit bag.

The Solution

It was a lot of fun getting inspiration for this project – ‘talk about a license’ to get intel on our favourite things! The research boards helped us formulate a clear plan of attack:

Functional + Fun + Respectful

First task was to come up with a name. From a list as long as our arm, our favourites were “Standard Issue” and “Valour”. Discussing this with servicemen, we decided on ‘Valour’ – mainly as this was a quality they aspired to.

Next we designed a range of possible logos and treatments, based on readily available off-the-shelf containers, making the product easier to launch. The final chosen design used the V signifier, hinting at being a medal ribbon around the neck of the bottle. The V is also recognised as a symbol of Coalition vehicles, as well as, of course, being the sign for victory.

The Valour brand has been trademarked and 50 Ltd are discussing the new brand with potential suppliers and partners. The aim is to launch Valour this year, backed by a fun (and cost effective) social media campaign.


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